LatinFeels Review

Latin Feel Review

LatinFeels Is A Great Dating Website. We’ll Tell You, Why

What is Latinfeels? It’s the best site for those who want to find Latina women. Here, you’ll find a short yet detailed Latinfeels review. But at first, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this dating website.

Pros of LatinFeels

  • anti-scam policy
  • safety
  • low prices
  • thousands of real Latin women

LatinFeels Cons

  • no mobile app
  • few free services
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Latinfeels overview: what’s good about it?

Only verified profiles on Latinfeels!

ID verification is obligatory for 100% of ladies here, so you can be sure they all are real. We’ve studied lots of Latinfeels reviews, and according to them, no users had scam problems here!

Latinfeels is safe and protected

The latest SSL encryption, along with other protection technologies, protect your personal and financial information here. And of course, the Latinfeels full site is free from viruses and malware.

Cool and fast Latinfeels site

Nothing to say here: Latinfeels site works fast, its interface is intuitive, and you will not have any problems with it.


Low prices

You’ll have to buy credits to talk to ladies. The prices are quite low: 3 credits cost $7, 60 credits cost $299, and 100 credits cost $399. Let’s take a look at their rates.

  1. Chat. Live chat costs 2 credits per minute, chat stickers cost 5 credits, and you’ll have to pay 10 credits for each chat photo.
  2. Videos. It’s 50 credits for watching a video in chat, 50 credits for each video you open in a letter, 25 credits for watching profile videos, and 100 credits (!) for uploading a video to your profile.
  3. Letters. Sending a letter costs 10 credits for the first letter and 30 credits for all the letters after the first one, opening a letter costs 10 credits (the first one is free). Opening a photo in a letter costs 10 credits.
  4. Real-life services. Real gifts have different prices (but they are quite expensive). You can also request a date (it costs 625 credits), and if you want to get the contact details of a woman, you’ll have to spend at least 3000 credits on talking to her.

Latinfeels overview: are there any problems here?

Well, no one is perfect. We didn’t write this Latinfeels review to show you that everything’s great here, no. There are a few problems with this dating service, and here we’ll tell you everything about them, too.

No mobile app

All the mobile users will have to use their browsers to chat with Latin ladies. It would be much more comfortable if there was an app, so we hope they’ll fix this problem sooner or later.

Messages are paid

Registration, searching, and browsing profiles are 100% free, but that’s all. You’ll have to pay for sending and receiving messages.

Short conclusion

As we’ve said before, we have studied dozens of Latinfeels reviews. We also used this site for a while, and now we’re ready to give our points. Here they are.

Factor to considerRateReason
Safety10Verification is obligatory, and technical protection of the Latinfeels full site is just great.
Pricing8The prices aren’t too high, but the number of free services is really low.
Website10It’s fast, it’s good, it’s intuitive.
Anti-scam policy10Thanks to the ID verification, there are no fake profiles here at all.
Other features10Translation services are great, the matching algorithm works just as expected, and the customer support team works perfectly.