Top 5 Best Mail Order Bride Websites

Last Updated: March 2020

Victoria Hearts
  • Chat features
  • Search filters
  • Safety advice
  • Very secure
  • Support
Overall rating 2.3
( 2132 votes )
Girls Online 532
Love Swans
  • Dependable anti-scam policy
  • Well-designed mobile app
  • Perfect opportunity of communicating
  • The best fraud and spam protection in the industry
  • Quite a reasonable cost of service
Overall rating 3.9
( 1932 votes )
Girls Online 3432
Asia Charm
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • A powerful matching algorithm
  • VIP treatment
  • Membership subscription for an unlimited time for only $9.99
Overall rating 3.5
( 2041 votes )
Girls Online 4028
Match Truly
  • Free and almost immediate registration
  • Consultations and support from special 24/7 team
  • Access to a wide variety of females profiles from all over the globe
  • Clear usage and payment terms
  • Excellent for newbies and professionals
Overall rating 3.7
( 2562 votes )
Girls Online 2032
Latin Feels
  • Browse girls from all over Latin America
  • Security
  • Plenty of girls to choose from
  • Quality of the women
  • Various and efficient communication services
Overall rating 3.6
( 1932 votes )
Girls Online 3054

“She Said She Is the Mail Order Bride!” – What Does It Mean?

Don’t be scared if you hear this from somebody. Girl that put her questionnaire into the general profile of mail order bride website is called mail order bride. Being alone is rather difficult either for men or for women. And it is normal when a girl from another country is looking for a man from a leading country living where she can give a birth and give the opportunity to her kids to live safe, calm, well-off life. This desire is natural, even biological. That is why women create their profiles on dating websites that can provide them with thousands of men from different places in the world looking for a bride.

The History of Mail Order Bride

Mail order brides first appeared in the 19th century. That time men from Eastern countries were moving to the West to get the land, to build farms, start a business and sure – to find a gold. A lot of such men succeed in their deals but there was a massive hole in their lives they couldn’t fill with any money – wives. They needed home and comfort, delicious home-made food and romantic evenings, support, respect and love. In the West there were so small amount of women that men started to write articles to Eastern churches, letters to newspapers telling about themselves and suggesting to meet for once. Women started to answer them, send photos, information and agreement for a meeting.

Time has passed, technological progress helped to do all these things faster. But either ancient times, or now, being in a status of mail order bride is very unpredictable, moreover – dangerous. There are some well-known cases when girls, that met their love on the Internet and came to the country of their beloved, were cruelly killed. But it doesn’t mean that it happens all the time. If you are careful and learn a person enough before you enter his house far from your native country, everything will be okay. Anna, the girl from Russia, has told a story of her experience:

“My family was always lack of money. I was growing up in the conditions when there was no normal food and even warm clothes. When I was 20, I decided to change my life, get a well-payed job and find a man I will love and be happy with in the developed country. Mail order bride service helped me to meet Johanson. He is from the USA, Los Angeles. We decided to meet and he invited me to LA. I was really scared to go so far away from home. But I was confident in Johanson. Now we have been living together for 5 years and I am the happiest person ever!”

Who Can Be a Mail Order Bride

Anyone. Mail order bride can be a girl from any country. There are some countries where the biggest part of girls come from:

    • Russia
    • Ukraine
    • Belarus
    • Philippines
    • Thailand
    • Singapore
    • China
    • India
    • Turkmenistan.

Nationality doesn’t matter as well as the color of skin, eyes and hair. Everyone deserves love and everyone should get it. These girls want their men to be beloved husbands, kind fathers, happy men. They are ready to go to any point in the world if love, patient, care, tenderness will ask them.

Do You Have To Pay For Mail Order Brides?

The answer is yes. You have to understand that there are some reasons for it:

      1. Technical support. The specialists of websites have to provide you with a quick working platform that is not cheap in maintenance.
      2. Payment for consultants that help you 24/7.
      3. Developing and improving tools and possibilities on websites.
      4. Motivation to go on.

Fees you pay for a mail order bride depends on a platform, but in general, the middle price starts from 1000 dollars up to 25000 dollars. Sure, if it is a well-known website, you will pay for its rating and reputation. It doesn’t mean that this price is overrated, but it more brand staff than quality. Here is a list of things that as usual price for a mail order bride contain:

      1. In the beginning – catalog with numerous profiles of girls you can choose for communication. The middle price for this varies from 110-130 dollars.
      2. There are girls that don’t speak English the level that is needed for normal communication. That is why you have nothing to do except ask translator for a help. He can help you during the phone call or translate messages. Whatever it is, you have to pay about 10 dollars for his service. For 1 working hour on a call translator will take about 350 dollars.
      3. If you want to send a romantic surprise for a girl, you should ask admins her address. This information will get from your pocket 15 dollars. If you need a translator for a letter, pay him at least 15 dollars and he will do his best.
      4. Soon comes the period when chatting is not enough and you have to see your beloved in real life. It is very important before making a decision about marriage: to meet her relatives, to see her lifestyle, to walk her favorite streets, to listen to her voice etc. The middle price that agencies take for your trip to beloved – varies from minimum 3500 up to 7000 dollars. Also add the price for some sweets, presents, and stuff like this.
      5. Imagine, that meeting between you and your chosen one has taken a place and both of you drinking coffee in the morning discussing how your wedding ceremony should be organized. The first thing you need is a K1 Visa and a translator that works with documents. All of these will take about 700 dollars.

Always be careful and attentive with the money you send! If the girl asks you for a financial help – think over before sending her a dollar. Women that are looking for love asks for spiritual things, not material. When it comes to official payments, be sure you are talking to the admin of the website or the owner.

As you can see, the pleasure of getting a wife is not very cheap for your wallet and easy for a soul. It is a bit stressful, in some cases you can feel disappointment or on the contrary – feel yourself the happiest person all over the world. You can never predict what will be the end of this adventure and will this money be paid for the success story. Anyway, if you know for sure whom you need, if you are confident and full of energy, it is worth trying. What if this lottery was made for your win?

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